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Our experienced construction engineers and technical teams, working construction teams are realizing the project that has been agreed in specific timing and construction standards with the latest construction technics and disciplined work.

All kind of the construction materials, equipment and labor could be delivered to the construction area according to the size and technical specifications of the work done in the needs of the construction to be continued without delay.

Our construction areas has prepared according to the health and safety conditions of the workers, and living and working conditions of the workers are taken under social guarantees.

In our projects maximum attention is given for taking the necessary precautions for the minimum environmental damage which could be caused from the work done.



·         Making the Architectural Design and the introduction of customer appreciation

·         Starting producing the project in the agreed design

·         Preparing floor plans

·         Starting the Static – Concrete Design

·         Placing Concrete instruments on Architectural Plan

·         Compliance of the Architectural and Structural design on Implementation Project

·         Preparing the yardage of excavation, iron, concrete

·         Preparing Yardage and work programmer files

·         Preparing 3D visual projects of the building as internal and external



·         Daily Monitoring

·         Weekly Monitoring

·         Controlling of the work program

·         Revision of the Project Plans ( according to necessity)

·         Monitoring the environmental subjects

·         Monitoring the worker health and work safety issues

·         Controlling the Structural Construction

·         Controlling the legal process of Construction