Purchasing Process

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Buying Process

We are summarizing below that what kind of procedure should pass before legal purchasing procedure, for helping our customers to understand all steps.

First of all, after we listen your requirements about your dream home, from our real estate list we evaluate and tour together with you the ones which are most suitable for you .


Before the down payment, a sales contract is edited between TEZCANLAR Construction and your party. In this contract agreed sale price, payment days, deadlines, special conditions and legal rights of the both party has listed and signed by both parties.


Vendedore: 1 photo, copy and original of the identity, copy of title deed, copy of Earthquake insurance (DASK)
Buyer: 2 photo, copy and original of the identity.


For Citizens of Republic of Turkey;

If the required documents have been prepared as listed above all your information is passed to directorate of the land registry, and detailed information is text to the vender between 09:00 till 12:00 in the morning. In the afternoon, after all necessary fees has been paid to the government bank the land transfer has been done, in directorate of the land registry a new deed would be prepared in your name.

For Other Countries Citizens;

The necessary documents will be prepared same as listed above. After all information has been given to directorate of land registry, from there all these information has been sent to Aegean Army Command of Republic of Turkey, because in some areas of Turkey it is forbidden to sale the land to the other countries citizens.

According to the law edited in 2014, if in the same land island there is already another country citizen had the authorization for purchasing a real estate, without the procedure of the Aegean Army Command authorization, title deed could be given the same day.

The authorization of the Army lasts around 3 months and after the authorization you could take your deed prepared in your name from the directorate of land registry or from your Lawyer.


Only once while buying the property %4 of the price of property needed to be paid as transferring tax to the governmental bank.

Army Authorization fee : 450 TL (necessary only for other countries citizens)

All landlords has to pay once a year environment cleanup and garbage collection tax. The amount is changing by the category of the property.